A New Website Where the Heart Is

Heartland Health Foods

Notice anything different? Because Heartland Health Foods is proud to announce that we have relaunched our website! With a new website means a new beginning, hopefully one that will allow us to spread more awareness for the goodness behind our products, helping to offer our customers their own new beginning to healthy lifestyles.

We decided to have our website revamped when we realized that it wasn’t quite as product-driven as we thought that it should be. Before, our site offered vague descriptions of what we have without really telling you what specific products are actually available. For instance, it said that we supply different vitamins and supplements, but not what types of vitamins and supplements. We wanted our new website to show customers each product that we offer and give them the opportunity to easily peruse through our selection.

Upon looking at the finished version of our website, we couldn’t be happier with its presentation. It lists each of our items by category with pictures and brief descriptions so that you can really get an idea of what you’re looking at. We feel that this will encourage happiness by pointing our customers in the right direction and offering them more usability. Now, they can simply click on the category of their desired search query and then scroll through the listed items until they come across what they are looking for. Then, when they find something they think they might like, our customers can click on the product for a closer view and all of the needed information.

We wouldn’t have been able to launch this new website on our own. We actually had it done by Modest Creation, a local web development company in Willoughby that specializes in building or fixing websites for small businesses. Upon meeting with Modest Creation, we explained to them what our concerns with the old website were and what direction we wanted to take the new one in. From there, the lead developer told us how he thought the website could be better and what his team would be able to do to make improvements, touching on everything from our content to our design. We were reassured that our new website would be a lot more user-friendly and interactive, allowing our customers to actually shop rather than just sit there and read about us. And we’re happy to say that Modest Creation followed through on these aspects.

So please check out our new website and look at the selection of products we have to offer. At Heartland Health Foods, we’re all about helping people pursue healthier options for healthier lifestyles, and we hope that this website will help us do that.